Empowering women through their wardrobes.

Personal and wardrobe styling to support survivors of sexual trafficking to regain their independence.

Chic, noun, /ʃik/

1. The essence of casual refinement.
(Madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux in her book ‘A Guide to Elegance’)

2. Style and Elegance, especially in dress.


Hello wonderful beautiful people,

I’m Amanda.

I moved to Germany from Australia in 2011 for the simple (and perhaps slightly odd) reason that  – I speak German, and wanted to be able to use it.

Perhaps encouraged by my wonderful mother (who is a designer, pattern maker and can make a new dress from scratch overnight!) I have had a lifelong interest in fashion and styling.

Starting out as a model in 2008 for Victoria’s models in Canberra, I went on to train under Victoria in personal and fashion styling. This led to teaching the Fashion & Wardrobing component of the Modeling course. A highlight of my time styling in Canberra was working on a charity catwalk show where we styled second hand & vintage clothing to raise money for Anglicare.

A strong believer in social justice, fair trade and environmental responsibility I started really struggling to reconcile my love of fashion and styling with my conscience. Then at 4:54am one morning in March 2014 the idea for Chic for Charity struck me. Why not style real, caring, conscious women for a donation to charity? It’s a win win! You get to take back control of your wardrobe, Free The Girls get to help more women regain their independance, and I get to love styling again, knowing that it’s effecting positive change in the lives of women who need it.

I want to make it my job to do ridiculously nice things for people. For complete strangers, for people who don’t even know, or don’t expect it. May I start with you?


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I’d like to take you up on the offer

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  1. Amanda, wow!!!!!! Your website is awesome and I love your picture :-)))
    This page really looks like you – thumbs up!!! You did a great job!!

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