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Summer Holidays

Throughout May we’ve covered my best tips for packing and layering, all of which are aimed at helping you have everything you need with less luggage. This last post is a little bit different. Summer is when ready-to-wear designers typically bring out their brightest colours and more daring designs. Everything, including the weather thankfully, is brighter, warmer and generally more fun! So now I want to encourage you to embrace this with your summer wardrobe, and especially your summer holiday packing!

Get ready to really be adventurous and flaunt your weirdest, wackiest and most fun style dreams. Even if it just means wearing a dress and heels when you usually wear jeans and sneakers. Summer, and especially a trip away to a warm sunny location, is your best opportunity to really have more fun and experiment with your style limits.

As well as relating to what you take on holiday this post is essentially a follow up to March’s ‘Just wear it‘. The same key principles apply, here we are going to revisit in particular the sections ‘take it on holiday’ (of course), ‘ease into it’ and ‘stop caring!’

Packing for your summer holiday…

Last time we talked about taking the items we just don’t have the courage to wear at home on holiday. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Summer is the best time to do this. When you get ready to pack for your summer holiday take out those items you’ve never worn and have another look at them. In my experience clients ‘never worn’ items tend to be for summer, long summer dresses or floaty tops and skirts with bright colours or daring floral prints. Clearly items bought because they’re beautiful and the client loved them, but then when it came to actually wearing them they felt too uncomfortable, and basically just chickened out. So, take them all out, and start to have some fun re-mixing them with bright jewellery, hats, sunglasses, light or bright coloured blazers (if you’re worried about showing your upper arms in a strappy dress) and pack those new outfits. Muster up all your courage now while you’re packing! Remember so much style was inspired by these summer holiday destinations, when you get there you won’t be out of place. And once you’ve left the house with that suitcase full of summer fun outfits, there’s no turning back 😉

As in last weeks mail, summer clothes are lighter and roll up smaller, so if it really is too much to go all out with sandals and dresses when you’re a jeans person then there’ll be a little room in your case to take some ‘ease into it’ outfits. A pair of nice jeans to go with the bright floaty floral top perhaps, before you go all out and try it with white or pink capri pants. Whatever it is that you have, you can pack a couple of alternatives to make the outfit more or less extreme which will allow you to experiment while you are on holiday.

I did this over a couple of holidays one year with a Blutsgeschwister outfit which I had fallen in love with and bought, but was worried would be just too much for Düsseldorf. Maybe even too much for me! We’re talking red with white spots, lace, bows, embroidery, pale blue with red roses, more frills, more lace bows and embroidery, all in the one outfit! Blutsgeschwister is one of my favourite German brands because of their fabulous fabrics and patterns and the way they mix it all up.

The first summer weekend away in Paris I took just the skirt with a simple top:

That ended up being so easy that the next holiday, in Rome, I went straight for the whole outfit:

After adjusting to the outfit away from home, realising how great I felt in it and how easy it is to forget what you are wearing and just get on with having a good time, I’ve been wearing the outfit as it was meant to be whenever I feel like it ever since. Even to work! (Benefit of working in the fashion industry).

So now its your turn and now is your chance! You bought those outfits because they are beautiful and they made you feel good, or perhaps you haven’t bought them yet but you really, really, want to have them. Do it! Stop caring about whatever it is that is stopping you from wearing these things, ease into it if you must and take them on holiday.

If you need a little extra support on packing for your summer holiday, that’s what I’m here for 😉 There are still some dates available over June & July so get in touch with me at and we can discuss tailoring a wardrobe aid session around your holiday packing.

As always I would absolutely love to hear from you, come over and tell me in the comments below this post about the outfit you have been too scared to wear, why and what are you going to do about it?

Happy packing!

Just wear it!

Hello wonderful beautiful people!

Karneval has just finished in the NRW region. 4 days (or more for the real fanatics) of dressing up in CRAZY outfits and living a fantasy. But why is everyone waiting for carnival, or halloween, or Japantag or whatever, to get dressed up? Why are we looking around the rest of the time at a sea of grey, just holding out for these few days a year when the streets turn into a rainbow?

This is a topic that’s come up recently with some of my clients, so I thought it was a good time to address it with all of you! Like Grandma’s porcelain, which is ‘just for good’, it seems that most people are hiding away in their wardrobe either something really lovely which they bought and wore once (or never) or a series of lovely pieces, which are all neatly kept in protective bags etc. and put aside for special occasions. Sound familiar?

So I ask you, what constitutes a special occasion?

Are you waiting for Her Majesty the Queen to visit?

Why can’t any and every day be special? Why can’t you be the special occasion?

Now, I understand that many of you struggle with peer pressure in this area, I’ve heard from some that they don’t like to stand out, or are surrounded by people (family, friends, colleagues) who just don’t dress up. If this is really something that concerns you, here are a some of the ways I’ve found to wear my favourite things, or my most outrageous outfits, anyway.

1. Stop caring!
I know, I know, I know, if only it were that easy! But truly, you have the option every day to not only choose what to put on, but also to choose your attitude towards it. If you love it, if it makes you feel fabulous and it makes you look fabulous, then what on earth does it matter what other people are wearing?! I have made my peace with the fact that I will nearly always be ‘over-dressed’ for nearly everything I do. That’s just who I am. I dress for me, in what I love, because it makes me happy. Yes it can attract attention, but in my experience it’s positive! People actually like seeing a bright purple coat or fucsia pink skirt or red dress, especially in the dull grey of winter! What you wear should be all about you. Don’t let other people inhibit your style just because they choose to be boring!

2. Ease into it…
If all out not caring what people think sounds a bit too daunting still then try easing into it. This one worked for me really well when I bought an intensly yellow dress in 2013. At first I was terrified of it. I so badly wanted to wear it, but this is Düsseldorf, not Berlin, not Paris not New York. Düsseldorf is just not known for colourful out-there fashion. Some fur and miniature dogs in Louis Vuitton handbags on the Kö perhaps, but not colour. So I started off by wearing the dress with black stockings and a black cardigan over it so that you could only see a little of the skirt. I wore it like this a few times, with a dark blazer or cardigan. Just to ease into it. Then gradually it just didn’t feel so out-there anymore. People at work would exclaim about the dress, some would sing songs about sunshine, every time I wear it someone says happily ‘you’ve brought the sun today!’ The response is overwhelmingly positive.
You’ll find one day, your crazy out-there, bright, colourful, sparkly, straight-from-the-cat-walk, vintage, homemade, whatever outfit you’re too scared to wear, just doesn’t feel that scary anymore. You will actually forget yourself in it completely and not even think about how out-there it is. It may even start to feel boring! YES! Even this bright yellow dress doesn’t seem very out of the ordinary to me now…

3. Take it on holiday…
Now if this is really just not an option yet for you, if you’re from a small town, a boring workplace, or if you just can’t get past ‘what other people might think’ then take your gorgeous outrageous outfit on holiday! Wear it in someone elses city where nobody knows you!
Have you ever seen the young ladies from Japan touring around Germany (or wherever you’re from)? Take a leaf out of their book and take your nice or more daring clothes with you on holiday.
I’ve done this on several occassions with looks I wanted to try that really were just a bit much for little old Düsseldorf.
For example when I had pink streaks in my hair I wanted to wear my fucsia bubble skirt, with a baby pink spotted cardigan and gloves – so I took them to Paris:

You will see so many far weirder things in Paris. Nobody is looking at that tame outfit that you are so scared of wearing.

I was also lucky enough to receive second hand a stunning red designer dress which you just can’t wear underwear under. It’s got a neckline that plunges nearly to my navel and yes, requires the use of hollywood tape to keep everything covered. For obvious reasons even I don’t have the moxie to wear this in Düsseldorf. So this one came with me to Rome in the summer. Where, when I wore it out to dinner, I didn’t feel at all out of place:

More on this in the coming months when we start getting ready for holiday packing!

4. Last but not least – wear it at home…
Now this is really only for the outfits that are truly for very particular occasions. I do this with some of my ball gowns so that they get out of the wardrobe every now and then while I wait for prince charming to take me to that ball (if you know anyone looking for an emergency date for a ball, I can be ready in an hour!)
Another more sociable way of doing this is to host a party, murder mystery dinner party’s are my favourite, but any kind of party where you can set a dress code which suits the outfit you want to wear, and allows you to wear it in the comfort of your own home 😉

SO!!! My challenge to you this March, is to JUST WEAR IT! It’s make an excuse March! So find an event, make an event, make an excuse and take that outfit out! I’d love to hear about your outrageous, out-there or ‘just for good’ outfit. Leave a comment and let me know how you’re going to wear your outfit this month!

Much love and moxie!

P.S. If you’re struggling to wear your special item because, you just don’t know what to wear it with, or how to wear it, then email me at amanda(at) to book your wardrobe styling session and we’ll work it out together.

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