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Sexual trafficking is my worst nightmare…

Ever sat at home and seen heart wrenching stories of suffering happening somewhere in the world and wished there was something you could do? This is how Dave Tersptra felt about sexual trafficking. Luckily for many, Dave found a way to help.

“What if we gave the average woman the opportunity to partner with women who have been rescued from human trafficking?”
~ Free The Girls Co-Founder Dave Terpstra, 2010

Instead of focussing on getting the girls out of sexual slavery, Dave got together with friend and Emmy-award winning producer Kimba Langas, and devised a way to keep the girls out of sexual slavery. Through supporting them to set up and sustain their own micro businesses selling second hand bras to other women. Free The Girls was born.

Building on the girls sales skills, Free The Girls uses bras to empower survivors of sexual trafficking to regain their independence.

Instead of just doing something themselves however, the Free The Girls team have created an easy way for all of us to contribute. Through simply cleaning out our lingerie drawers!

And for you lovely ladies in and around Düsseldorf, this is where I come in!

Chic for Charity was created with Free the Girls in mind.

A year or so ago I saw Mozambique or Bust on CNN. I cried, I was on the edge of my seat, I was overjoyed when the first shipment of bras arrived in Mozambique. I felt immediately that this was a cause I could be truly passionate about, this is something I really want to support. However, at the time there weren’t bra drop off locations located in Europe.

Chic for Charity is my way to support the work of free the girls. From one female entrepreneur to the women supported by Free the Girls, rebuilding their independence through entrepreneurship.

When you book the styling services of Chic for Charity, you don’t pay me – you make a donation to Free The Girls.

In 2013 Free the Girls made a presentation to the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, Inc. (FAWCO) in a bid to win funding to support the growing charity and all of the administrative and operational work needed to keep Free The Girls running. You can watch their presentation here to get an idea of why financial donations are just as important as bras:


Free The Girls first reached the world in a short series on the CNN Freedom Project. You can watch the series here:


CNN then ran the follow up Mozambique or Bust in 2013, which is where I first became aware of the wonderful work they are doing:


For more information visit


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