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What is beauty?

I had planned to write on another topic entirely today, however, after the film
A Path Appears aired on PBS in the US last Monday night it seemed more appropriate to take a deeper look at what Chic for Charity is all about.

How can one talk about styling and looking good, when some people have nothing? When there are people in the world living with abuse, people living as slaves. The answer I have found for myself to this, is it all depends on your definition…

What is beauty? And what does it mean to be beautiful, or to look good? Is it even important?!

For me, beauty is about RESPECT. Respect for yourself and for others. Dressing your best should be about honouring your body, loving yourself, expressing yourself and having fun! By taking care in your appearance you show respect for yourself, respect for those around you. You say to the world ‘I was worth getting dressed up for today and so are you!’ This is how I see it. Wearing bright colours, fun patterns or whatever it is that makes you feel wonderful and have more fun, these things make other people happy too, you gave someone something to smile about today.

To get respect from others you must honour and respect yourself.

Whether or not beauty by this definition is ‘important’ or not is something each of you must decide for yourselves. For me it is important, it’s important because it gives me energy every day, makes me happy, makes me feel good about myself and I feel powerful within myself. It’s important for the joy it gives others, for the way I can use my styling experience, to help others learn to express themselves, to feel wonderful about who they are, to love themselves every day.

We are the lucky ones, we own our own bodies and we choose how to dress them. This is not something we should feel bad about. This is something to cherish and honour, to feel good about ourselves, to feel powerful, for all the women who don’t have this basic right. Only when you can take care of and respect yourself, can you help others to do the same.

A Path Appears is a documentary by reporters Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, beautiful people doing beautiful things in the world to help others out of some of the worst situations imagineable, so that they again can show themselves and receive from others the respect they deserve. The film looks at the issues right on our doorsteps, in our own countries, as well as the issues in the countries of our friends.

Chic for Charity does the same. It starts with you! With supporting you to find out what makes you happy about who you are, about your style and the way you express yourself through your wardrobe. The way your wardrobe can be better coordinated to empower you!

The donation you make goes to Free The Girls, to break the cycle of sexual trafficking for women overseas who have had no other choice.

Finally, if you so choose, the clothes that no longer serve you will go to your local clothes collection to be re-distributed into the community for those who need them.

If you missed A Path Appears you can watch the trailer here:

Find out more about the project on their homepage


As most of us are living outside the US, once the film has finished airing over there, we will be able to watch it online here:

If you’re ready for some wardrobe empowerment email me at amanda(at)chicforcharity.com to book your Wardrobe Aid session, and, if you know any other every day abolitionists who deserve a bit of wardrobe empowerment, be sure to share!

Finally, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this months topic – What is beauty to you? What does it mean to you to be beautiful, or to look good? Is it even important?!
Leave your response in the comments below!

Stay beautiful!

Spreader of wardrobe joy and everyday abolitionist for Free the Girls

P.S. You’ll notice that todays post was all about ‘outer beauty’, I haven’t forgotten the central role inner beauty plays here – that’s getting it’s own post later in the year. Make sure you’re on the mailing list so you don’t miss it!